Discover the Secrets to Snowboarding Like a Pro
       that Snowboard Instructors Won’t Tell You!

“How to Gain a Year’s Worth of

Snowboarding Skills, Tricks &

Expertise in a Single Weekend


...No Matter What Your Skill Level is Today!



                   black-arrow-01_R  Discover the 7 Simple Steps Every Beginner

          Must Know to Stay on Your Feet.  From strapping in

              your feet to shifting your weight to stopping on a dime, this

              easy process cuts your learning curve in half!



                  black-arrow-01_R   69 Awesome Advanced Tricks Revealed in

          Step-by-step Detail!  Every move is spelled out for you.

            Just follow the steps, and before you know it, you’re pulling 

            sick 540’s, half pipe flips and inverts, and almost any other

            trick you can imagine.


                black-arrow-01_R   Plus Everything Else You Need to Know about

            matching your gear to your riding style... how to keep warm,

            dry and comfortable... how to avoid injury... plus, disaster

            prevention, survival tactics, and much more!




Dear Snowboarding Enthusiast,


If you’d like to fast-forward thru all the frustration and quickly become respected as snowboarder 

with mad skills, this report could be the most important message you read all year long!


Here’s why...


No matter if you wanna turn heads with the sweetest, trick maneuvers... or you just want to avoid

carving your chin into the icepack,


 I’m about to  reveal exactly how you can
shrink your learning curve to the ‘bare bones
minimum’... annihilate virtually ALL of the
humiliation, frustration, and misery... and
transform yourself into a jaw-dropping
snowboarder almost overnight!



           But first, let me set one thing straight...


 “Should You Hire a
Snowboard Instructor?”



Here’s a tip... Save Your Money!  Hey, don’t get me wrong... Instructors can be helpful. 

But let’s get real.


To make serious progress with an instructor can run pretty steep.  There’s only so much

instruction you can squeeze out of a session.  Because when you hire a snowboard instructor,

what you’re buying is their time.  So...


Half your money goes into their pockets - just so they can

watch you fall, slide, tumble, and get up off your @$$!  


It’s one thing to land on your hip after trying to pull some air... but to be the guy (or girl) who falls

while an instructor babies you down the hill... well, it pretty much sucks!


The bottom line is that learning from an instructor can be an expensive, time-consuming, and

embarrassing experience.  And you end up a little bit better at executing a few moves.


So, you see,  not all  cracked up to be.)


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 Why Snowboarding is
Easier than You Think!


                    If you’ve ever been snowboarding, you know about the ‘hazing’ you get on your first run down the

mountain...  You spend most of your time on your ass!


But here’s what’s so killer...


It doesn’t take long to find your balance - whether or not you’ve ever skied before.  After few

runs, cruising the hill (on your feet, not your butt) is a piece of cake.  Most people nail it after a

few hours. 


Makes sense, because - unlike skiing - you only have to control one stick!  You’re more stable. 

That’s why snowboards are easier to maneuver and pull sick aerial tricks off ramps and

 half pipes (and so much more!)... stuff you could never pull off on skis.


 3 Simple Steps to


                    Once you have the basics down, there are only 3 things separating you from landing any trick in

                     the book.  Here they are:


1.      knowing the steps involved in each trick

2.      knowing how and when to shift your weight

3.      practice



You can create as many mental obstacles as you want, but those three steps are all there is to it.


Now here’s how you can short-cut your way to near-pro-boarder status - no matter how good or

bad you think you are right now...


  How to Get Real Good at Lots
of Righteous Tricks,
Real Fast,
(without breaking the bank)!



Hi, my name is Justin Lake. And I’ve spent almost 2 years digging deep into the world of

snowboarding.  It started as a way to satisfy my own interest in snowboarding.  I’ve scoured the

internet - researching and compiling all the quality free information I could find. 


That was just the beginning!  It felt like the first bite of an appetizer that triggers a grizzly appetite

for more.  So I kept going...


               I purchased all sorts of snowboarding information and ebooks...


     I grilled expert snowboarders for their best wisdom on how to short-cut the

      learning curve (Oh man!...did they ever turn over a gold mine of goodies!  And I’m

      about to share it with you!)


    By now, I was running on so much blind enthusiasm, I was somehow able to get

       the owners of snowboard shops to give me their insider’s view on how to get the

       best gear - the right gear - at the lowest possible prices.


I felt like they were spilling their guts with secrets I prob’ly shouldn’t be told!  But who was

I to close up the floodgates!


That’s when a reality check smacked me in the face.  I knew this stuff had to get out.  Because I

know there are more people like me out there... people like you...


...people looking for short-cuts and insider secrets to quickly bypass all

 the frustration of being ‘new’... people with a relentless hunger pull off all

 those tricks that look so damn fun... and a deep inner craving to be that

 good TODAY, if at all possible!


And so “The Ultimate Snowboarding Guide” was born. 


It’s truly the ultimate resource for How to Get Real Good at Lots of Righteous Tricks, Real Fast,

(without breaking the bank)... with tons of other sweet insider secrets that make every

snowboarding experience you ever have a virtual dream come true. 


I know... sounds corny, huh?  But take a look at everything I’ve crammed into this



 Boarding Off-Piste -
Safe Ways to ‘Up the Ante’ Away
From the ‘Groomed Slopes’




                       black-arrow-01_R   The 3 Must-Have off Piste Skills
                               Don’t even think about succumbing to the temptations of off-piste powder runs until

                               you’ve’ mastered these.


                      black-arrow-01_R     Off-Piste ‘Gear Prep’ 101
                               Discover which is the best off-piste board and how to set it up for off-piste terrain.

                               Guaranteed to pack more fun and enjoyment into your adventure.


                      black-arrow-01_R     A 19-item checklist of Off-Piste Essentials. 
                              Getting lost, stuck, buried alive, break a bone or two… all very possible fates of going off-

                              piste. Don’t take it lightly!  It’s a decision that can easily wedge you into a LIFE and

                              DEATH situation.

                              But with these simple items, you’re prepared for just about any hazardous circumstance

     that throws itself at you.

     I can’t overemphasize this enough...



     Packing the items on this simple checklist can literally turn an otherwise deadly

     situation into a minor inconvenience!  “Be Prepared” ain’t the Boy Scout motto for



 How to Be ‘One’
with The Half Pipe



          black-arrow-01_R    The #1 skill you have to master before dropping in to any half

           pipe (if you want to avoid the pain, humiliation and laughter when you eat $#!T with face

              plant into the ice pack.)


           black-arrow-01_R   The first thing you need to practice for the half pipe, and how 
        Plus, what you should do next to make your rides 2 to 3 time easier. Do these in this

              order, and you eliminate the embarrassing phase of tumbling like a rolling stone.

           black-arrow-01_R    Detailed diagram of the snowboarder’s half pipe
        Includes all major components and measurements.


 Now, you’re ready for jump turns… pulling air... you name it!  It’ll be a cake-walk for you when you

 apply these two basic techniques for jumping in the half pipe.



 How to Keep Warm, Dry and 

Comfortable Under Any Conditions
(from a ‘Mild Spring’ to a ‘Blizzard Sting’)



                          black-arrow-01_R     Why “dressing warm” is not as simple as you think 
                Discover what few people know about “layering,” and the “3 W’s” that reveal each layer’s

                      purpose and why you’ll cut your results in half if you mix up the order.  (HINT: Most

                      people believe you start with “wool” as your first layer.  I’ll expose why this is totally wrong

                      and what you should use to keep your body comfortable in any conditions.)

                          black-arrow-01_R     How to keep from freezing to death when you venture away from the slopes
               Don’t laugh.  Just a small drop in body temperature can send you into hypothermia.  One

                     minute you’ve got the full-body-chills, the next minute, you’re unconscious and one

                     helpless step way from death.

                         black-arrow-01_R      What common fabric has no business on your body in the snow
               ...because it attracts moisture, stays wet, and makes you freeze. 


NCAUTIONN - Your 3rd Layer of

Clothing Must NOT be Waterproof!


Learn the vital importance of layer #3 and it’s dual-function in keeping warm and dry. How

to treat your outer layer to maintain maximum protection against the icy elements.


Don’t let the wrong gear get you down... nothing’s more uncomfortable than the bone-chilling

bite of a “wet cold.”  Follow these simple tips, and you can tell Jack Frost to where to stick it!


 Boarding fuel.  How to stay sharp, alert,
and energized with simple, tasty snacks
most people never know about!



Give yourself an easy advantage with these often overlooked “grub tips” from a Certified Personal



You laugh, as others go for the short-lived burst of a sugar high that’s so quick to

crash.  Meanwhile, you’re driving fuel into your muscles and your mind... you

send your energy through the roof and pack on hours to your endurance... Your

power meals force your brain to stay alert and keep your muscles in check.


No matter what your skill level, your meals alone will enhance your performance every second

you’re on your board.


                 Snowboarding styles:


  Choosing your boarding style is huge.  It determines how you practice, and where

     you ride... even the kind of “stick” you get (a.k.a board), and what gear you need.


 Discover the most popular boarding style (and the best snow conditions) for beginners.

     Plus, the ideal boots, boards, and bindings. You’ll know how to get the best bargain for

     the gear you need, and make your boarding easier in the process!


  Wanna go freestyle?  Better pick the right stick. ‘Cause rail sliding and half-pipe

     boards aren’t the same, my friend.  I’ll give you the low-down on getting the killer

     board for the exact kind of freestyle you’ll be doing most.  Pick the right stick, and

     you get an automatic jump in your skills (before you strap yourself in)!


 Which style demands the most body strength and why.  (Plus, why lifting weights doesn’t

    compensate for the kind of strength you need.)


 Where and how to get the best free-carve runs.  Spend less time planning and

    more time shredding!


 Don’t want to blow a ton of cash on gear? Easy ways to match up the right gear to the

    right boarding style, so you know what you’re getting yourself into.  This advice alone can

    save you several hundred dollars, instantly!


 Besides the gear on your feet and the clothes on your back, learn the single most

    important piece of equipment you can get your hands on, and why you can be

    royally screwed without it.

 4 signage systems that alert you to potential dangers.  And I’m not just talkin’ about a

     busted ankle.  People get killed out there every year because thy don’t understand the

     sign, don’t see ‘em, or just plain blow ‘em off.  After you read this section, you won’t let

     yourself become a victim! 


The 19 most common US and International symbols you need to know (photos and all).


          This section is loaded to the brim with the kind of insider know-how that’s so different than the

downhill “techniques” and hand-holding you get from an instructor.  An instructor is there to teach

you to board with the equipment on your back. 


Sure, you can ask any instructor for extra advice... but it’s spit in a bucket

compared to all the meticulously researched and organized golden nuggets you

get in “The Ultimate Snowboarder’s Guide.”  


Plus, you get even more invaluable info like this...


 Playing it safe and injury-free:


What?  No fluffy blanket of powder out there?  That means harder slopes and harder falls, more

often!  Get ready for a beating!  The icier the slopes, the more you suffer: pain now, on impacts,

followed by soreness that can last for days. 


       black-arrow-01_R   4 easy warm-up exercises to loosen you up just right for gnarly mountain carving -

       giving you greater flexibility to land more aerial maneuvers and pull off more tricks

       with ease!  In just a few minutes, you won’t take such a beating when you wipe out

       on the slopes.  It could even save you from landing yo’ ass in the hospital!...  No kiddin’!  


 black-arrow-01_R  Minimize aches and suffocate the pain with little known stretches and pre-conditioning

       exercises that prevent the majority of aches from ever bothering you.Keeps your

       soreness to a minimum, so you don’t suffer as much when you hit it again tomorrow! 

      Must-have secrets for those multi-day outings.


black-arrow-01_R   How to stay off your butt and on your feet!  Enjoy yourself and have more fun

       without all the embarrassment and humiliation!


 black-arrow-01_R   Shred!... but NOT your ligaments!  Pull air-Not  muscles!  The 5 muscle groups you

       hafta warm up, or risk having to “wimp out” for the day.


 The History of Snowboarding Revealed

 You’ll learn how 5 of the most influential snowboarding icons shaped the industry to what it is

 today.  Plus photos of “ancient snowboards that date back to 1929!  (It won’t help you take

 command of the mountain, but it’s cool to know and makes for good conversation.  Guaranteed toget others asking, “How’d you know that?”



That’s Not All!

You Get Even MORE:



Order by MIDNIGHT tonight, , and I’ll throw in 3 Special Bonuses, worth more than the entire ebook itself!



Killer FREE Bonus #1:

69 Advanced Snowboarding Tricks ‘How-To’ Guide


You get all 69 advanced tricks organized into 3 sections.  Here they are:


black-arrow-01_R     14 Advanced Surface Tricks

        Nose Roll              Bluntslide              Five-O Grind                         Tail Slide

           Tail Roll                 Handstand            Rock n Roll Grind                  Rail Slide

           Nose Slide           50/50 Grind           Smith Grind Surface             The Switch
      Tuck - Knee          Bonking


 black-arrow-01_R     33 Advanced Arial Tricks

       Air to Fakie            Crail Air                   Taipan AIr                            Iguana Air

            Shifties                   Indy Air                    Stale Fish                             Fresh Fish

            Late Spins             Mute Air                  Swiss Cheese Air               Method Air

            Reverts                   Melancholy Air       Dbl Handed Grab                Ollie

            Pokes                     Spaghetti Air          Nollie                                    Half Grab

            Grabs                      Mosquito Air          Misty Flip                              One Footed Air Walk

            Slob Air                   Nollie Front             Rodeos                                360 / 540 / 720 / 900 Air
       Corked 720            Rippey Flip            Wetcat                                   Double Flip



black-arrow-01_R      22 Advanced Half Pipe Tricks

      Handplant               Layback Air          Andrecht                              Two Handed Invert
      Sad Andrecht         Boneandrecht      Miller Flip                             Eggplant

                 Egg Flip                  J-Tear                   Philip 66                              Lein Air

                 Crippler Air             Haakers Flip        The Mctwist                         Michalchuk

                 Sato Flip                 Rock n Roll           Blindside Approach           Rail Ride

                 Combining Tricks  Ally Oop



 Includes color photos of tricks in action.  And each trick is spelled out for you in step-by-step

 detail.  It’s all you’ll need to keep upping your skills ‘til you’re one of the elite boarders carvin’

 the mountain like a pro! 


A $29.95 value, and it’s yours - FREE - when you CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE.





Killer FREE Bonus #2:

Avalanche! Snowboarder Survival Guide


When it comes to avalanches... WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW CAN KILL YOU!



 “90% of avalanches involving humans
were triggered by their victims! 
But not a single victim ever
planned on getting buried alive.



So, you better get the “intell” on The White Mountain Predator -  ‘cause it’ll bury you alive faster

than you can say, “OH SH!...!”


When you order by midnight TONIGHT, you’ll get instant access to your own copy of the

Avalanche! Snowboarder Survival Guide - completely FREE!


Here’s what’s jammed into this tight, 8-page report:


     The 3 conditions that cause every avalanche.  Staying alive starts here!

 blue-arrow-01_R    The 4-prong visual check.  What to look for on the mountain before you park the


 blue-arrow-01_R     How to detect signs of an upcoming avalanche within seconds of stepping foot out of

        your vehicle... 4 things you need to know.

 blue-arrow-01_R    Think you might be smack in the middle of an avalanche hazard-zone?  Apply the

        5-step “snow pit test” to assess your risk (revealed on page 4).  This simple

        technique is sure to wipe out every ounce of fear.

 blue-arrow-01_R    Discover the 7 clues hidden within the snow pack that reveal the likelihood of a sudden


 blue-arrow-01_R    Plus, 6 mountain characteristics and formations you must watch out for - and why.

blue-arrow-01_R     What to do if you’re forced to trek through an avalanche hazard area.  You’ll learn the

        safest way to cross (whether you’re alone or with others).  And... how your clothing plays

        an important role in keeping you safe if the snow pack does break free.

blue-arrow-01_R    Life-saving secrets for avalanche victims!  This invaluable report also details 9

       things you must do if a snow mass drags YOU under - plus, the 10 obligations you

       have to anyone you witness getting mowed down by an avalanche.  (HINT: You

       don’t send for help until Step # 9!)


Without this vital info, an avalanche could cost you your life. 


How foolish, when you can get instant access to all this and more in your free copy of the

Avalanche! Snowboarder Survival Guide. 


A $24.95 value, but FREE for you when you Click Here to Order Now.


 So How Much Will This
Massive Package Run You?


How much would you expect to pay to get easy, step-by-step instruction on 69+ of the most thrilling, most

amazing, and most useful ground, aerial, and half pipe tricks ever performed?


Even if you hired the cheapest, second-rate snowboard

 instructor on his first day of instruction, the basic and

 advanced tricks alone would cost you several hundred dollars! 


And unless you master all 69 tricks right there, on the spot, you’d walk away with almost nothing

to show for it - no manual, no ebook... just what’s left in your fading memory.


But you get the “69 Advanced Snowboarding Tricks ‘How-To’ Guide” for FREE!


And the rest of the package (loads more than just tricks and moves) won’t even run you $100.

You get useful, practical, and life-saving secrets to make every part of your snowboarding

experience the freakin’ blast that it’s supposed to be! 


If you act right now, you get:


1.   The 48-page, color-illustrated
Ultimate Snowboarding Guide”

And $54.90 worth of valuable bonuses for FREE...

2.   69 Advanced Snowboarding
Tricks ‘How-To’ Guide

3.   Avalanche! Snowboarder Survival Guide


“The Ultimate Snowboarding Guide” is exactly that, and it’s worth it’s weight in Platinum! 


But you can get everything - including the $54.90 worth of

 bonus reports for FREE - CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE 


That’s far less than hiring an instructor with truckloads of extra value.  And I’m able to let it go for

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It gets even better...


 Your Satisfaction
is Fully Guaranteed!


Download your package with total confidence! “The Ultimate Snowboarding Guide” is GUARANTEED to be all I’ve said it is, and more! And if you’re not 100% thrilled with it for any reason (or no reason at all), you have 56 Days to give me the word, and I promise to refund 100% of your money on the spot... no questions asked!

- Justin Lake, Creator

“The Ultimate Snowboarding Guide”





And you can keep the entire package for FREE as my way of saying, “Thanks for giving it a try.”


Why would I give it to you free if you’re not happy?


Simple.  Too many other people are trying to weasel their way into your wallet - to make money

off you - weather they’re helping you or not.  Like auto insurance.  Even if you choke up all your

payments on time, it can be like pulling teeth to get them to pay up when you need the coverage.


That’s why I just wouldn’t feel right keeping your money, if you’re anything but thrilled with the

 69+ tricks, all the survival secrets, and everything I reveal that prepares you to have the time of

 your life up on that mountain... warm, dry, safe, and with all the right gear to help you rip it up out

 there like a maniac - sooner than you ever thought you could!


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You know... I hafta tell you that I’m blown away at what has come of my hunt for snowboarding

 knowledge and easy skill-building techniques.  It’s gone from nothing to what I believe is “thee best”

 snowboarding resource online, period!


And ya know what? I’m not stopping here.  If you’re on of the first 250 people to order, I’ll give you

free updates on everything I add to “The Ultimate Snowboarding Guide” for an entire year!


Alright.  I’m done blabbin’! 


I really want you to experience it all for yourself.  So be sure to CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE to

get all the free bonuses, free updates for a full year (straight into next season!), and 56 days to

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can keep everything for FREE - no catch, no strings, just my sign of appreciation for checking it



It doesn’t get any better than this.  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE and you’ll be sportin’ mad skills in no time,



To flyin’ high on the mountain,



Justin Lake



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Killer FREE Bonus #3:

The Top 155 Snowboarder
Slang Terms Dictionary 


Catch up on your snowboarder’s lingo with this easy-reference guide packed with 155

terms and definitions.  You get the latest ‘burps’ and the ‘OG’ slang that’s being tossed

around the mountain by hard-core boarders and casual riders alike.  Plus, lots of

examples showing how the words are used in context.


I know, you’re prob’ly thinkin’... “I wouldn’t be caught dead sporting a glossary of

snowboarder lingo.”


Damn straight! 


At least I HOPE you don’t whip it out on your way up the mountain.  In fact, you better

just leave the glossary at home.  Instead, breeze through it, pick a few gems, and use it



      •  Fit it with more serious riders
      • Choose from dozens hilarious terms for doggin’ your buddie
      • Avoid humiliation and diffuse embarrassment with an arsenal of come-back
        anytime you need ‘em
      • Make people laugh, and earn ‘props’ from your crew


The Top 155 Snowboarder Slang Terms Dictionary: A $19.95 value, but yours free




P.P.S.  You’re going to be snowboarding this season, right?  Why put yourself through the agony

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